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Five Fun Ways to Motivate Kids to Exercise

Five Fun Ways to Motivate Kids to Exercise


Five Fun Ways to Motivate Kids to Exercise

As a parent, it can be a challenge to motivate kids to exercise. With all the distractions and sedentary activities available to them, getting kids to be active and stay healthy is more important than ever. However, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to encourage kids to get moving. Here are five fun ways to motivate kids to exercise:

1. Make It a Game

One of the most effective ways to motivate kids to exercise is by turning physical activity into a game. Whether it’s a game of tag, a treasure hunt, or a relay race, kids are more likely to participate if they’re having fun. You can also create a points system for different exercises, with rewards for reaching certain milestones. By making exercise feel like play, kids will be more eager to join in.

2. Get Involved as a Family

Another great way to motivate kids to exercise is by involving the whole family. Plan regular outings such as bike rides, hikes, or family sports games. Not only will your kids benefit from the exercise, but spending quality time together as a family will also create lasting memories and strengthen your bond. When kids see their parents being active and having fun, they’re more likely to follow suit.

3. Offer Incentives

Providing incentives can be a powerful motivator for kids. Consider setting up a reward system where kids earn prizes for reaching their exercise goals. These prizes can be small, such as stickers or a special treat, or larger, like a new toy or outing. By giving kids something to work towards, they’ll have added motivation to stay active and meet their targets.

4. Introduce Variety

It’s important to keep things fresh and exciting to maintain kids’ interest in exercise. Introduce a variety of activities including swimming, dancing, martial arts, or team sports. By offering different options, you can help kids find something they truly enjoy and look forward to. Change things up regularly to keep them engaged and excited about staying active.

5. Lead by Example

Finally, one of the most impactful ways to motivate kids to exercise is by leading by example. Children often mimic the behaviors of their parents, so if they see you prioritizing fitness and making it a regular part of your life, they’re more likely to do the same. Make sure to involve them in your own exercise routines and show them that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.


Motivating kids to exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By making exercise fun, involving the whole family, offering incentives, introducing variety, and leading by example, you can create an environment where kids are eager to stay active. By incorporating these fun and creative approaches, you can lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits for your children.

Real-Life Examples

One family in Ohio used the “make it a game” approach to motivate their kids to exercise. They set up an obstacle course in their backyard and challenged their kids to beat their own time. This turned their regular exercise routine into a fun and exciting challenge that their kids looked forward to every day.

Storytelling Approach

As a young girl growing up in a small town, Susan’s parents made exercise a part of their family’s daily routine. They would go for walks in the park, play tennis together, and even compete in local fun runs. Susan grew up valuing health and fitness, and now, as an adult, she continues to make exercise a priority in her life. She credits her parents for instilling those values in her from a young age and hopes to pass on the same love for physical activity to her own children one day.


1. What if my child doesn’t enjoy traditional sports?

Not all kids enjoy traditional sports, and that’s okay! Try to introduce a variety of activities and let them choose what they enjoy the most. There are plenty of non-competitive options like dancing, swimming, or martial arts that can still provide great exercise.

2. How do I make exercise a family priority without it feeling like a chore?

Make sure to keep things light and fun. Focus on spending quality time together as a family, and let the exercise come naturally. Whether it’s a game of tag at the park or a leisurely bike ride, make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

3. What if I’m not very active myself? How can I motivate my kids to exercise?

Even if you’re not the most active person, you can still lead by example. Start incorporating small changes into your daily routine, like taking walks after dinner or doing family yoga sessions. By making exercise a family affair, you can motivate your kids to stay active while also benefitting from the physical activity yourself.



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