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How to no Longer be Afraid of Your Goals

How to no Longer be Afraid of Your Goals


The moment I set a new goal, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to meet it.

The crippling fear sets in!

All that comes to mind are the reasons I won’t be able to reach that goal.

  • I am not smart or capable enough
  • There is too much risk involved
  • What happens after I meet the goal, if I am successful

I can remember every other goal that I didn’t meet in the past.

Every New Year’s resolution lasted for a month, then fizzled out.

How to no longer be afraid of your goals

Each time I tried to quit smoking, I did nothing more than spend money on gum and patches.

Which are still sitting on the top of my medicine cabinet.

Then, there was the college course I signed up for to further my career (that one was very costly, and I still haven’t been able to sell the books).

I did well in the beginning, but when I got sick and missed two classes, I got so far behind that when I returned, I couldn’t catch up with the class no matter how hard I tried.

Now, whenever I set a new goal, I get butterflies in my stomach, and I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

Change your mindset

The good news is that I could overcome all the self-imposed obstacles that used to hold me back from setting and achieving a new goal.


It was easy.

Instead of looking at the end result of failing, I asked myself, “Why did I fail?”

I stopped focusing on failure and set my sights on the reason for it.

What I came up with was this.

When I set a goal in the past, I would always start out with, “I want to go back to college” or, “I want to lose weight.”

It’s too ambiguous.

There’s no commitment in “I want to.”

My next goal started with, “I’m going to!”

This changed how I approached the goal, I wound up putting my whole heart into it, and before I knew it, I had achieved my goal.

Don’t ask yourself. Tell yourself.

All you need to do is change the way you think about the goals you set, which will improve your chances of success.

When you do this, you evoke forces that will help you get to where you tell yourself you are going, not where you think you want to go.

Focusing on the possibilities of achieving your current goal will help you be excited instead of afraid!

Let us know about a goal you were excited to achieve in the comment section below.

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Christopher Sharp was born to working class parents in the state of New Jersey until he was fourteen, then moved to New York. He worked in construction from 1987 to 2014 when he began his writing career. His first book, “The Last Ticket,” was released on October 13th, 2015. With no formal writing education he was able to capture the struggle of a young family trying to survive on a minimum wage job, based on actual events, and wrap it in a spiritual journey of the heart.


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