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How to Bring Out the Fighter in You

How to Bring Out the Fighter in You


Discover how to be a fighter so you can conquer your life battles.

Life can be a struggle at times.

You may be at a point in your life when you’re running out of hope.

By gaining greater insight into your life battle, you will begin to dismantle its power over you.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed.

At times, all we can do is take small steps.

This is all right, your life is not a competition.

You will heal at your own pace.

The first step is that you are willing and committed to improving your life; otherwise you will not have a fighting chance.

In order to conquer your life battle, you must empower yourself.


What battle are you fighting?

Understand your battle.

Who or what are you up against?

Think of your life battle as your “opponent.”

Is your opponent money, food, health,a broken relationship, depression or perhaps something else?

Your goal is to defeat your “opponent” so that you can gain control over your life and live up to your full potential.

Just like a boxer, analyze your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses.

If you have been losing the battle, it means that the opponent has overpowered you with its strength.

Allow me to provide more insight, by detailing my greatest life battle: overcoming a health crisis that would leave me disabled for several years.

This was a long-term battle, which would test every ounce of me.

My opponent: an undiagnosed health illness.

This illness had impressive capability of causing major havoc to my physical health.

In addition, it had the strength of being very elusive.

Countless doctor visits and vast amount of testing yielded no answers.

Doctors were baffled.

How would I ever defeat my illness (opponent) without a proper cure or treatment?

The more time passed, the less likely I would ever be victorious.

My opponent, this mysterious and debilitating illness was winning many rounds, and it would keep knocking me down.

Each knock down left my body weaker.

My symptoms would intensify, at times feeling life threatening.

I was losing more of my independence, I had to quit my job, I couldn’t drive, and there were days I could barely walk.

When life throws many punches, eventually you begin to self-doubt and wonder if you should just throw in the towel.

Yet, I wasn’t ready to surrender.

I would keep getting back up.

I was determined to win this battle, despite losing countless “boxing rounds.”

How could I claim my life back with such a dismal outlook?

How to Be a Fighter – Bringing out the Fighter in You

After analyzing your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths, it’s time to focus on you.

Determine what makes you strong and on the other hand, what makes you weak.

In my case, my obvious and great weakness was my physical health.

The other weakness was the lack of available medical treatment.

However, my mind and spirit were very strong.

I still felt empowered, and my faith was very much intact as well.

I knew that the illness couldn’t take hold of my mind and soul that was, after all, my opponent’s weakness.

I focused on my strengths to continue the fight.

I was determined to get my life back.

Use your strengths to defeat your battle.

Winning takes empowerment and endurance.

If you lack these qualities, it is vital that you work to gain them.

Take the time to work on your weak areas whether it’s increasing your self-esteem, facing your fears, gaining willpower, and so on.

While you are fighting your battle, don’t allow yourself to dwell on the pain and suffering.

You want to create outlets that will help you maintain a positive outlook.

Take the time to give yourself much needed TLC.

Speak words of affirmation, “I will overcome this.”

Another point worth making, just like a boxer has a team that provides support and guidance; gather your own support team and/or coach.

My mother was my amazing and relentless coach.

I couldn’t have won my battle without her.

She was my rock throughout my ordeal.

The person you are is a reflection of how you think and feel about yourself.

Are you content with the image of yourself?

If not, now is the time to empower yourself to make the necessary changes needed for you to be strong enough to win your life battle.

Determine Your Motivation

Motivation is what keeps us going and fuels our energy.

Ask yourself, what is the reason(s) you want to win the battle?

Why is it so important to you?

Your motivation is the reason you are fighting the battle.

Without it, you would give up completely.

In my case, I felt empowered to take control of my health because my son was depending on me.

It broke my heart that my son was losing his vibrant mother.

My son, who was 4 years old at the time, was my main motivation.

I was also doing this for myself.

I had aspirations for my life and refused to be locked in an unhealthy body.

This illness was not going to rob me of my hopes and dreams.

Coming Up with a Victory Plan

You are almost ready to put on your boxing gloves.

A boxer never enters the ring unprepared.

If you don’t have a plan of attack, you will be overpowered and lose the battle.

It’s like going inside the boxing ring without boxing gloves on and letting the opponent throw countless easy punches until you’re knocked out.

This would most likely happen in the first round.

Develop your victory plan.

You’ll win by disabling your opponent’s strength and/or overpowering it by tackling its weaknesses.

My plan was to keep on searching for a treatment.

I researched all and everything that I possibly could about my symptoms.

I would go from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital in hopes of getting treatment, and when that didn’t work, I searched for alternative treatments.

After many brutal unsuccessful attempts to find treatment, I was feeling all bruised up and in intense pain.

My spirit although relentless was beginning to show wear and tear.

Just like a badly beaten boxer, I would pick myself back up, unwilling to admit defeat.

Defying all odds and with what seemed like my last breath, I would rise up to face my battle once again.

And this time, finally, I would be victorious.

It was then that I found my healing angel, a magnificent TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner who restored my health.

I am forever grateful to him.

There’s no cure for my chronic condition, I had to make peace with the fact that I would never be able to defeat my opponent 100%.

In the end, no one could tell me what exactly caused me to become so ill.

Ultimately, what matters is that I regained control of my physical health.

I returned to normal life.

I was able to work once again and I was blessed with a second child, a baby boy.

I’m back to doing the things that I love and much more!

Build up the fighter spirit in you.

It’s very important to feel empowered no matter the circumstance.

When you feel empowered, you are giving yourself authority, and confidence to win your life battle.

You’ll make the best decisions because you love and value yourself enough to say, “I am worth it!”

You can be strong despite the storms in your life.

You are not defined by your situation.

What defines you is how you handle your problems.

Learnt How to Be a Fighter?

I didn’t win my life battle overnight.

It took years of empowerment, patience, and persistence.

It took every part of me not to give up.

Gather your strength, confidence and empowerment, so when life comes at you hard, you can come at it even harder.

And the champion in you will emerge!

I hope the above tips have helped you learn how to be a fighter and conquer your obstacles.

So, how do you plan on winning your life battle?

I’d love to hear your story in the comment section below.

Rossina Colon is a songwriter and blogger at Dear Songwriter where sheprovides encouragement, empowerment and empathy through the power of music. She writes songs for the ups and downs of life.She enjoys helping people express themselves through music. In addition, she enjoys writing motivational sayings and blogging about self-improvement.


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