Home Motivational Stories 9 Inspirational Videos On Mental Health To Help You Live Your Best life

9 Inspirational Videos On Mental Health To Help You Live Your Best life

9 Inspirational Videos On Mental Health To Help You Live Your Best life


Our latest collection of inspirational videos on mental health.

From your family and relationships to your career and professional life, your mental well-being affects all aspects of your life. 

So, just like your physical health, paying attention to your mental health is important.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for mental illness, you can improve your mental well-being by practicing healthy habits such as

  • Developing positive coping skills
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol.

These inspirational videos will remind you why taking care of your mental health is important and why you should always do your best to keep a positive mindset.

Remember to also check out our selection of mental health quotes for happiness and success.

Be inspired and be sure to let us know in the comment section which video was your favorite!

Big shoutout to Goalcast for the amazing videos!

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9. How to Fight Through the Worst of Times | Michael Crossland

In this inspirational video, Michael Crossland shares a powerful personal story of how he survived cancer as a baby.

Although doctors gave him no chance of survival, he defied all odds and has gone on to build a life of exceptional achievements.

8. It’s a Great Day to Be Alive | Ian Humphrey

Ian Humphrey is an uplifting and positive speaker.

In this video, he shares a message of triumphing over adversity from childhood abuse, prison to the corporate environment.

His story will inspire and motivate you to become the best version of you.

7. Why Hope is Worth Believing In | Kevin Rupp

In this moving speech, Kevin Rupp shares an account of how his daughter fought for her life and the life-changing lessons he learned.

An amazing reminder to never give up.

6. This Will Motivate You to Become Richer Beyond Your Wildest Dreams | Sekou Andrews

In this motivational video, award-winning poet Sekou Andrews reminds us that our net worth doesn’t define our self-worth.

He encourages us to always do the right thing and to take responsibility for navigating our own paths.

5. The 3Cs to Reboot Your Life | Gloria Mayfield Banks

Gloria Mayfield Banks inspires people to overcome obstacles and take advantage of the opportunities that come their way.

In this motivational talk, she reveals the 3 things you need to live your best life.

4. How to Embrace Your Body | Gina Hatzis

Exceptional, poetic and powerful, Gina Hatzis delivers an uplifting talk on how she embraced the love of her body and begun to live the life she was meant to live.

She encourages you to stand up and be seen in your glory regardless of what the world might think or say.

3. How To Heal From Trauma | Theo Fleury

In this touching speech, Olympic superstar and NHL All-Star Theo Fleury shares his harrowing story of abuse and how he overcame the pain and suffering.

He reminds us that no matter what battle you might be facing, you’re strong enough.

2. These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols

In this inspirational video, Lisa Nichols reveals the 3 sentences that changed her life forever. 

She talks about her struggles with abuse and depression and offers advice on how to rise above your challenges.

(*9*)1. How To Take Charge of Your Mental Health | Ross Szabo

In this powerful talk, Ross Szabo shares his life story and how he battled his inner demons for years before finally taking charge of his mental health.

He also talks about the need to hold conversations and teach people about mental health the same way we teach physical health.

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