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The Journey to Body Positivity: Tips for Staying Motivated

The Journey to Body Positivity: Tips for Staying Motivated


The Journey to Body Positivity: Tips for Staying Motivated

Body positivity is a journey that can be full of ups and downs. It’s not always easy to stay motivated and confident in a society that often promotes unrealistic beauty standards. However, with the right mindset and tools, it is possible to cultivate a positive relationship with your body.

1. Embrace Self-Compassion

One of the first steps towards body positivity is to practice self-compassion. This means being kind and understanding towards yourself, especially when you’re feeling insecure or critical of your body. Instead of beating yourself up for not looking a certain way, try to treat yourself with the same kindness and understanding that you would give to a friend.

Real-life example: Sarah struggled with body image issues for many years, but through practicing self-compassion, she was able to shift her mindset and learn to appreciate her body for all that it does for her.

2. Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

The people and media we surround ourselves with can have a significant impact on our body image. It’s important to curate your environment to include positive influences that promote body diversity and self-acceptance. This might mean unfollowing negative social media accounts, surrounding yourself with supportive friends, and seeking out body-positive content.

Real-life example: Josh found that unfollowing accounts that made him feel inadequate and following body-positive influencers helped him feel more confident and accepting of his body.

3. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude can be a powerful tool in cultivating body positivity. Take time each day to focus on the things you appreciate about your body, whether it’s the strength it gives you, the things it allows you to do, or the unique features that make you who you are. Shifting your focus to gratitude can help you develop a more positive relationship with your body.

Real-life example: Maria started a daily gratitude practice where she would list three things she appreciated about her body. Over time, this helped her to see her body in a more positive light.

4. Engage in Activities that Make You Feel Good

Focusing on how your body feels, rather than how it looks, can be a great way to boost body positivity. Engage in activities that make you feel strong, capable, and happy, whether it’s dancing, hiking, or practicing yoga. Finding joy in movement and activities that make you feel good can help shift your focus away from appearance-based ideals.

Real-life example: Sam discovered that taking dance classes not only provided a fun way to stay active but also helped him develop a more positive relationship with his body.

5. Seek Support

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through the journey to body positivity alone. Seek out support from friends, family, or professional help if needed. Surrounding yourself with people who uplift and support you can make a world of difference in your journey towards body acceptance.

Real-life example: Olivia found that attending body positive support groups helped her to feel understood and supported in her journey towards self-acceptance.


The journey to body positivity is not always easy, but it is worth the effort. By embracing self-compassion, surrounding yourself with positive influences, practicing gratitude, engaging in activities that make you feel good, and seeking support, you can stay motivated and confident in your journey towards body acceptance. Remember that everyone’s journey is unique, and it’s okay to have bad days. Stay committed to your self-love and body acceptance journey, and over time, it will become easier to see yourself in a positive light.


1. Is body positivity only about body size?

No, body positivity encompasses all bodies, regardless of size, shape, age, or ability. It’s about accepting and loving your body as it is, without the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards.

2. Can I still want to improve my body while practicing body positivity?

Absolutely! Body positivity is not about eliminating all desires for self-improvement. It’s about learning to embrace and love your body as it is, while also making choices that support your overall well-being and happiness.

3. What if I have days when I don’t feel positive about my body?

It’s completely normal to have days when you don’t feel great about your body. The key is to practice self-compassion and to remember that your worth is not determined by your appearance. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and then refocus on the things you appreciate about your body.



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